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I'm adding a TV to my office and have exactly 42" to work with. Viewing will be about 9' away and mainly for news / video during the day and high end gaming at night.

Its been a while since I've been in the market for a television (4 years) and while I've tried to catch up here on the forums I'm not really seeing too much interest in this size category. My thinking is that since I'm limited to this size, I could get the most high end tech out there and still keep it within budget.

From my viewing experience at Best Buy, I'm focusing in on Sony models and especially the LG models. I'd like to stick with these two brands as we have Samsung tablets and phones in our house and I do not want any "mistaken" media sharing across these platforms.

So far I've focused in on the LG 40UB8000. Are there other 4K / UHD models I should be considering?
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