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Most anticipated release?

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Since we seem to have quite a stir about receivers that have just been released, and a bunch more to be released. What is your most anticipated release currently or in the near future.

Personally I am looking forward to these new Onyko receiver's that everyone has been posting about.
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Good question, anyone have another favorite?

a new flagship from onkyo that would be better than the 1000.
Denon 3808/4308 and Onkyo 805/875/905 for me.


The new Outlaw 300wpc amp.

7 channels.

Has TWO power cords.
Additional receviers with HDMI 1.3 and all the stuff that comes with that.
I'm kind of anxious to hear more about the Denon 5308.
The non-existent Pioneer Elite flagship receiver to replace their 59TXi.

The Denon 5308 to replace the Pioneer 59TXi

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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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