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As I just posted in the KS9000 owner's thread - I just upgraded my 65" to a 75" (both KS9000's) and was shocked by the different in thickness of the bezel on my new TV. I was simply in love with the design of the 65" TV and thought from all the photo's I could find, that i'd be receiving a similar chassis.

That said, I'm curious about 2 things:

1) Are there any sites out that would be a valuable resource in comparing actual photo's and/or measurements of cosmetic features like the bezel/edge of the TV?

2) Does anyone have recommendations on 75" size TV's that might have an more attractive, minimal, or thinner bezel? I'm trying to stay under 3k but I'm open to hearing the other options out there.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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