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Hello all,

I'm currently looking through many different TVs and am wondering what the most important features are. Please let me know what you think are the most important features when buying a TV..

1. Aspect Ratio & Size

2. Audio

3. Inputs

4. Digital Comb Filter

5. CRT type

But what about the other features TVs have such as:

Video Noise Reduction

Color Temperature Control

Progressive Scan Doubler

And so on... I know there are a ton more things the TV's say are features, but are these things to actually consider when buying a TV? If not, what should be considered?



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Personally, I would separate out the first two and put the list in this order:

1. Aspect Ratio

2. Inputs

3. Resolutions: 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i

4. Size

5. Audio

I wouldn't buy a 4x3 HDTV. I would want both Component and RGB inputs so I could easily plug multiple devices (satellite, cable STB, computer, progressive DVD) into it. While most stations are broadcasting 1080i, being able to use progressive inputs, 720p and/or 480p, gives you more flexiblity in using HTPCs, progressive DVD players and things like the X-Box.

Size is obviously important, but your size choice will likely be decided by the technology you decide on: less than 36-inchs will likely mean CRT; 40-inches to 65-inches will likely mean LCD or CRT RPTV; anything over 65-inchs will likely mean either an LCD, DLP or CRT front projector.

Audio in the set is unimportant to me since I can't imagine not running sound through an external receiver.

Beyond that, sets vary widely by the types of controls they have for color, sharpness, etc. as well as the quality of the various filters and means for improving picture quality. You'll probably want to spend a good amount of time comparing picture quality and controls once you've settled on the basics.



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