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Most musical sub for £1000?

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I mainly listen to multi channel music with some movies here and there.

Speakers PMC gb1i
Receiver Marantz SR7010

Room is in old house with 3ft concrete walls and very thick carpet.

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For music I have always liked Rel subs.
A sealed sub from Rythmik audio?

E15HP2 for example.
Folks please pay close attention to his budget...and currency...thus making it roughly 1300.00 US and take into account shipping duties etc. So...I'd have to say the Rythmik or other US based sub suggestions are not reality within his budget.
Rel is based in Bridgend Industrial Estate in the UK. Hope this is helpful.
XTZ subs have received some good word of mouth on this site. However, experience with this European-based manufacturer is quite low here in the states. You might look at avforums, which caters to Europe, for more feedback on this option.


or consider a pair of subs (sans built-in EQ of the above option):

Rel is based in Bridgend Industrial Estate in the UK. Hope this is helpful.
Any you would recommend?
Guide yourself by the size and type of your speakers, the size of the room, etc.
Larger subwoofer is not always better. Rel probably could give you some guidance.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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