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Mot DCT 6412 III Noise Problems

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Hey Guys,

I have a Sony 34HS420 hoked up via component cables to the DCT 6412. First I had HDMI hooked up but I learned that Buckeye Cablesystem does not have the updated 12.22 firmware in the boxes so whenever i paused i would loose 5.1 audio.

I switched to component to solve that issue. Then I noticed a weird noise going from left to right on the tv. The best way I can describe it is if a monitor is on a really low refresh rate and you can see it refreshing from left to right.

So I tried the HDMI connection cable and the issue exists, its better but still exists. So i went into the cable box service menu and set it to 720p and the problem went away.

So i went to buckeye today and switched out the box and the same issue exists. I mean it looks good in 720p but it should work at 1080i.

I can pause the video and still see it refreshing so I believe it is interference of some kind.

Before I moved here I had Time warner and there DVR box that ran at 1080i and never seen this refresh issue before.

Any ideas guys?

Should I try and get a 6412 II?
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bump. It does look better at 1080i. I think its a issue with interference.
tried a monster clean power surge protector stage one and it still did it. Someone help me!!!
well since no one on here helped me I tried the series one box and the problem is gone. Im guessing the series 3 didnt like my tv or something. Also I have a XBR970 now.
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