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My Sony KDL-46W4100 is a 120Hz LCD TV. Sony calls it "Motionflow 120Hz" technology. In my picture settings of the TV there is a setting for "Motion Enhancer".

The menu reads:

Motion Enhancer
Smoothes Moving Images

There are 3 settings to choose from, Standard, High, or Off. The default is Standard. By changing the setting to High while watching Inside the NFL on ShowtimeHD, it made the picture worse during scenes with fast motion. If a player is running down the field, it adds a lot of pixelation to the shot. A bunch of extra little squares appear around the edges of the player as he dashing down the sideline. It looks fine if I leave it on Standard though.


Is "Motionflow 120Hz" controlled by the "Motion Enhancer" setting, or are these two separate non-related TV features?

Am I only utilizing the 120Hz capabilities of the TV when it is set to High?

Has anyone else experienced this?
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