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Moto goes for 5200 HD-DVR development

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From CED Broadband Direct, by Jeff Baumgartner:

Motorola Broadband has postponed the development of the DCT-2600, an SD digital cable set-top that was to feature DVR capabilities, to instead focus its DVR efforts on the DCT-5200, a thick-client box that will bundle in DVR and high-definition television features, said Bernadette Vernon, the company's director of strategic marketing.

She said recent discussions with operators and consumers indicated to Motorola that an integrated DVR offering would be more compelling if it was married with HD capabilities. Vernon also noted that it also made sense to Motorola to combine those features in one box from a return-on-investment vantage point.

Motorola is already porting Gemstar-TV Guide International's new DVR software to the DCT-5200.

The DCT-5200 will compliment Motorola's DCT-5100 which does not have DVR function.

Vernon said DCT-5200 trials are expected to begin this summer, followed by a commercial release in the fall.
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Sounds good to me...
The fact they dumped a SD DVR for HD DVR development says a lot.
MultiChannel News is reporting today that Comcast plans a PVR trial for the DC area this summer, with limited deployment in Q4.

Curious that this timetable seems to coincide with Motorola's 5200 schedule... :)
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