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Motorola 6412 III Disappointment

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I just purchased a 6412 III to replace my 6200. The picture quality is definitely inferior to the 6200, especially SD, but even HD looks mediocre. Maybe if I weren't watching on an 86" screen the difference wouldn't bother me but it's significant.

The other problem I have is that my processor looses lock of the digital audio signal every time I change channels resulting in several relay clicks for every channel change. This didn't happen on the 6200. One explanation I had is that the jitter is orders of magnitude higher on these new boxes.

I'm going back to the 6200 and will try a hard drive unit when they get the technology sorted out.

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You need to remember that with any DVR there is a buffer that is being constantlly recorded on the hard drive. This may be the reason for the "clicking noise". What resolution did you have your 6412 set to? (1080, 1080i, 720, 720i, 480i..ect) changing this may improve your picture quality.

Just a few thoughts.

Resolution was set to 1080i for HD and the override to 480i. These settings work best with my projector which has good deinterlacing and scaling.

I reinstalled the 6200 last night and the picture was way better.
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