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Hello. We have cable one cable and the dct receiver. I was going to record some of the Thomas the train episodes we have on the dvr to my laptop so we could make a DVD for my mother in law. She doesn't have a dvr and our oldest really likes the show. Anyways I've had the box hooked up to our HDTV for a couple of years via hdmi. Worked perfectly so far.

So anyways I hooked up my hauppage recorder to the component outputs of the cable box. No video. Tried some new cables and nothing. Thought maybe using the hdmi shut off the component outputs so I decided to try the composite video and got a signal. And started recording. I noticed the picture on my tv having glitches/freezing and was afraid it was affecting the recordings. So I checked them and they were fine. However there was something still wrong. So I checked the hdmi cable at the tv. Felt good and no change. Tried it at the cable side when I first touched it it got worse and then as I pushed in it got better. So I unplugged and replugged and totally lost output.

So I set about retrying all the outputs. Turned the box all the way off and unplugged it for a couple of minutes. Turned it all back on and neither of the HD outputs work. Hdmi or component. I've read about this possibly being an issue with these boxes. Any suggestions or is it time to call the cable company and see about a new box?

Oh and since I now know the FireWire port is suppose to be active I'm gonna try to and record from it next time. I've used my MacBook Pro's FireWire port for audio for years. Who knew I could use it to record from the cable box? Well everyone here besides me I suppose. lol

Thanks in advance.
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