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I'm trying to decide how to wall-mount my Sharp LC-37D7U 37" LCD.

I only need tilt, so the articulated mounts are out, and I've managed to narrow it down to two models:
For a clean look, I plan to install a receptacle and the A/V wallplates in the center of the mount, so an open-center mount is a must (so, no Monoprice mounts). I'm also buying a larger-than-necessary mount, in order to be able to move up to a larger screen in a year or two.

I like the Chief's lateral adjustability and seemingly simple installation and lower profile, but the Sanus' "ClickStand" feature, allowing easy access to the rear of the display is also compelling. (As is the lower price.)

Does anyone have an opinion on the utility of the ClickStand feature, or on how well the Chief's similar "kickstand" mode works?

Is the Chief significantly better for than the Sanus, or are they basically the same (they both have leveling microadjustments, the Sanus is slightly smaller, dimensionally)?

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