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Mounting on Plaster: How to hide cables?

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I'm moving into a house that has old fashioned solid plaster walls. Anyone know how I could hide the cables if I mounted the plasma on the wall?

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Been there, done that. Use a stud finder and a drill, on and a flash light and a tape measure. Depending where your equipment is you might want to go thru the wall baseplate into the basement and do most the routing there.
I've done the same thing with plaster except I have a ranch and all my wiring is routed through the attic area. Also have my ota antenna there so make some wireing easier.

I'm not sure I understand how you guys have done it. I'm going to have the equipment rack in the same room as the display. So all I need to do is hide any cables running between the equipment and the display. I assume that there is no hollow space in the wall (which is also why plaster is so nice because it deadens the sound). Of course I will have to drill two holes in the wall for where the cable enters and exits but how do I make/find a pathway inside the wall?

likely you have wall studs every 16" and the plaster is ontop of that,doubtful you will be able to route the wires horizontally in the walls,but between the wall studs is a open vertical space , so if you get into one of those open cavitys you can run the wires up into the attic, or down into the basement then run across the room to the other location & do the same.

Fishing wires is time consuming,and almost an art, patience is paramount to a nice job.

If you're not comfortable doing the work yourself, I would try contacting an electrician , alarm company , or even a cableing installer and see if they would assist. A few hours of proffesional labour could go along way to minimizing damage to your plaster.
To drop cables straight down between two vertical studs, get yourself a piece of string that's a couple of feet longer than the distance you have to drop the wires, and tie a good sized metal nut or washer on the end. Locate your upper hole between two studs and behind your set. After drilling that hole, hold one end of the string sver the hole and let the weighted end hang straight down. Mark the location of the lower hole along the string. Drill the lower hole. To route a cable through the wall, tie one end of the cable to the loose end of your string. Drop the other end of the string (with the weight attached) through the upper hole. Feed the string in and the weighted end will descend to your lower hole. Fish the washer or nut out and pull the string and cable through.
OK. I think I have it now. Thanks.
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