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With many thanks for the generosity of Ross Taylor of Arizona, I now

have a Studiotek 1.3 screen. (or at least the material for one).

I need your suggestions on the best way to mount this.

1. Should I build a frame and attach it as is?

2. Should I build a frame and first stretch white canvas or

blackout material over it as a backing?

3. Should I stretch something black over the frame instead of white to

block any escaping light?

4. Should I use something like bulldog clips around the edges

and tension it to the frame for maximum flatness.

5. Or just staple it on.

I have never seen a Stewart screen so you guys that have

one.. how is it mounted.?

I am leaning towards #2 option.

Let your experience speak.

thanks to all and big thanks to Ross.

don (wingryder)

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Hey Don,

This is going to be very difficult. Stewart screens have snaps along the edges. There are quite a few, I'd say every 4-5 inches along all four sides. The frame is made of metal and very rigid so you snap the screen to the frame and it is very tight. I mean the tension force is substaintial. If you don't do this then it wont be flat.

The best thing would be to give Stewart you screen serial number and have them build you a frame. Seriously. Although this will probably cost you around 500.

If that is out I would try to use the snaps somehow to stretch it tight. Wait until you get the screen and you can see for your self first hand. It might be best not to try to stretch it at all and just live with it.

John Moschella

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I'm glad the material arrived and happy it's with someone who'll appreciate it and give it a good home.


Don's only got the material - no edging or snaps, so it should be a pretty "easy" canvas-stretching exercise.

Back to Don again,

Here's a great AVS thread in which KBK describes canvas stretching and the thread also includes the link to another site's great painter's canvas stretching instructions. The frame they show is pretty simple. A wood frame with a vertical center brace. The only thing I might do in addition to the wood frame is glue or tack 1/2-inch half round molding to the front of the frame, all around the perimeter of the frame and just inside the outer edge. I hope that makes sense. The point to this is so that the stretched material is held out away from the wood frame and the vertical center brace. Otherwise the frame and brace will telegraph through the material.


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Thanks John and Ross

I read the stretching info..very similar to auto and boat upholstery work

which I find necessary way too often.

I like the half round stock idea if I end up going this way.

I want to investigate the bulldog clip idea and maybe try to "tension"

the material and a "backing" all in one go.

I am worried that studiotek won't take much tugging without damage.

The canvas would be a safety. Still need input on backing color.

One more question. Since my pj is floor mounted, Am I going to miss

out on the "30% brighter" screen. I stood on a stool and could not

see much difference anywhere in the main viewing area high or low.

What a great hobby.

thanks to everyone

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