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Hi! My Promise RAID NS4300N (Rev B) decided to stop working, and I'm working through an RMA. That's not what this message is about, though...I have a few questions for the community at large (while I wait for Promise NAS Dude to weigh in on these, too).

I may try to buy a replacement NAS while waiting for the RMA, so...

(1) Can I take my disks out of my NS4300N and put them into a new NS4600? Will the NS4600 be able to access the RAID5 disks/content?

(2) My NS4300N is the Revision B device. I might be able to acquire a Revision A on the cheap...would the RAID5 disks/content be accessible there?

(3) Is the RAID5 configuration unique to PROMISE, or could I buy another device and put the disks in that instead?

Any help is appreciated -- I'm in a bind based on the data that was on the RAID that I need in the short term, and my yearly backup to disk happens in January (ack!).
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