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Well, I moved my HiPix to a Hewlett Packard Pavillion to test and see if the same problem still occurs that after I name a file for a recording and put it in the scheduled recordings, suddenly next time I try to schedule something, the disk space shows some really small amount of space left like 200K or so no matter how much is really left.

I tried using the local hard disk on the computer, so the hardware is completely different than the other system. Same exact problem. I don't understand why everyone else doesn't have this problem? Maybe I'm somehow doing something different. Here is what I am doing to try and name my recording:

1. I click the record button

2. I fill in the time the program comes on, and the duration of the program. (I put the hours in the hours field, and minutes in the minutes field.)

3. I click on "Create File"

4. It asks for a filename, so I type on a name for the program that makes sense. For example, "Sopranos"

5. HiPix pops of a window that says, "Open recorded files" and then below, says "Sopranos does not exist. Would you like to create it?" I say yes.

6. I click "Apply"

7. The recording event screens pops up. If I put the cursor on the item I just added, it will show that it is named whatever name I had typed.

8. After this, if I go in to the record section again, no matter what computer or setup I use, it will say I have about 200K left of disk space and I don't have enough space to record anything.

Am I doing anything different than everyone else?


Sean Dudley

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Aha - I think I may have an idea.

When you select the "Program Name"

(file name) it resets some of the record


Make sure to pick the filname _first_ before

you set the start time and duration.

It may be resetting your duration to something

longer than you intended.

(I hope this turns out to solve your problem.

If not - sorry)
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