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After looking over all the forums I thought this place might be best since my questions/set up include Audio/Video/Internet.

I have a closet where my a/v equipment will go and a box in the closet where all the wiring is set up.

I have four speakers in the living room in the ceiling and one over the TV.

Additional speakers:

2 - porch

1 - dining room

2 - bedroom

1 - bathroom

My main issue is the TV is over the fireplace in a nook. I've attached that picture(last one) which shows three ethernet ports and one cable. I have no way of getting HD signal to the TV it appears. There are also no audio hook ups there if I wanted to put the cable box with the TV. This house was built in 2007 so it's hard to believe they didn't consider HD.

I included a couple pictures of the closet which I have an dvd player/surround sound hooked up now. I just have it hooked up to make sure the speakers worked. As you can tell some wires have banana clips and others have nothing. I've looked at many receivers and I don't seem to be able to find one that will handle all of my speaker inputs.

Any help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks


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There are a number of audio distribution devices that allow you to achieve whole home audio without throwing away your receiver. If you go to Smarthome.com, just search for "4 pair speaker selector and volume control" and you'll see a few examples.

As for the HD Video, there are several solutions that transmit HD video over category 5 cabling. I'm not sure about distance limitations but you can probably find more information at sites like Smarthome and Monoprice. Good luck!
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