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Hi Folks:

I was wondering whether there is still a special offer deal available on the M2000 player, as I only seem to see it available for the $1,999 price, but I know they had once sold for a cheaper price. Can I still get the cheaper price, and from whom?

Also, I've two technical questions on the unit:

Can the S/PDIF output connect to an outboard DAC to produce stereo signal while watching DVDs? I don't have a home theatre procesor, but rather a high-end stereo only system (but do have a DAC with digital/coaxial, optical/toslink and AES/EBU inputs. Can any of these inputs on my DAC be used at all to grab the S/PDIF signal?? Otherwise I can't see how I can get audio from the unit??

Finally, could I use the M2000 as a CD transport, again, as per above, using the M2000 to output a digital audio signal to my DAC, then decoding and listening via my analog stereo preamp.

Thanks in advance for any and all info. I'm a bit of a newbie on the techie side, and need answers to those few questions before I pull the trigger on purchase. Thanks!!


thanks in advance for the
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