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1. Budget: 1000 euros (shipping included)

2. No height requirements, lenght and width should be 60 cm 60 cm at max.

3. Dimensions: 12 ft X 11 ft X 8 ft.

4. Use: 90% Movies / 5% Music / 5% Games.

5. Listening habits: I just wanna hear and feel the lowest freqs.

6. I prefer the downfiring model but could be frontfiring too. Color must be black preferably piano gloss black but any black will do.

7. Timeframe: I dont have to get it right now. I can wait a month tops. But ordering from from states would make warranty returns a bit expensive. So only from Europe.

I have looked SVS subs which are really popular here in Finland. PC12-NSD DSP would propably be the best choice, BK Monolith DF is an alternative. So Im thinking do I have any other choices if Im looking for HT subwoofer?
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