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Time for a bit of positive outlook on things.

What are the movies that you would want to be available out of the gate for both formats that will not only show the outstanding capabilities of the format in terms of not only of video quality and sound mixing, but also on the movies' own replayability as entertainment.

So that means movies like Silence of The Lambs or Saving Private Ryan shouldn't be included because it's too gory. Or Fight Club, Memento or Se7en.

Examples of demo movies for BD/HD-DVD are : The Fifth Element, I, Robot, Jurassic Park, The Lord Of The Rings, Die Hard, Goldeneye, The Fugitive, American Beauty.

Well you get the drift. Demo movies that will make those who don't already have HD equipment to want to own one.


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Man I can't wait for Blu-Ray and HD-DVD!!! Here's what I simply MUST have in my collection ASAP.

Action Movies -

The Matrix

Lord of the Rings

The Terminator Trilogy

Indiana Jones series

Alien Quadrilogy

Asian -



House of Flying Daggers

Bruce Lee series

Animation -

All the Pixar films



The Lion King



Band of Brothers




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I don't think anyone would think of this, but Napoleon Dynamite is going to look fantastic in 1080i. I hope Fox releases it for its Blu-Ray launch.

Aside from that, I am also looking forward to the Kill Bill movies on BD.

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...Since it was my first DVD, it should be my first HD disc. Everything else I have in HD via DVHS or D-Theater.

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For Blu-Ray I want Lawrence of Arabia, a film that will benefit substantially from the increased resolution. No EE please! :D

For HD-DVD, I would love to see 2001: A Space Odyssey in HD for the same reason as LoA.

Those two films meet the necessary criteria (image, soundtrack, re-watchability) for me. I doubt however that Lawrence will be a BD launch title, we already know that 2001 won't be for HD-DVD. I'm sure that when they do make their HD debut it will be worth the wait.

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From the first slate of 89 HD-DVD releases, I'd pick these:

Paramount HD-DVD

New Titles - School of Rock, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Catalog Titles - Forrest Gump, Braveheart, Ghost, Grease, Sleepy Hollow, U2: Rattle and Hum, Star Trek: First Contact

(Of course, FGump, and Grease don't have much in terms of sound and RnH and Sleepy Hollow don't have much in terms of clear, non-grainy, bleached out look)

Universal HD-DVD

New Titles - The Bourne Supremacy

Catalog Titles - Apollo 13, U-571, Backdraft, Waterworld, The Bone Collector, Spy Game, Dante's Peak

(Backdraft would be great, and Waterworld is kinda fun, but Apollo 13 - woohoo!)

Warner Bros/HBO/New Line HD-DVD

New & Catalog Titles - Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (New Line), Batman Begins, Blade (New Line), Contact, Constantine, Dark City (New Line), From the Earth to the Moon (HBO), The Fugitive, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, The Last Samurai, The Mask (New Line), The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, Million Dollar Baby, Mystic River, North by Northwest, Ocean's Eleven, Ocean's Twelve, The Perfect Storm, The Polar Express.

Mixed crowd there. The Matrix trilogy would be the killer ap, assuming nobody at WB fcuks-up. Wonder if they'll release the The Matrix - Ultimate box set on HD-DVD soon.


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Originally posted by Jon_W
I am not sure I understand why Seven and Fight Club are too gory, but Braveheart is not and even so why are "gory" films not replayable? I second 2001 and LOA
Because not many can stomach it over and over again. But hey you can put that on your list - this is not a be-all-and-end-all list.

Other films from the Sony camp that I can think of :

Stuart Little 1 & 2

Spider-man 1 & 2

Cliffhanger (somewhat gory with colorful language but the panaromic shots are just incredible!)

The Mask Of Zorro

Das Boot (in DTS Lossless and no sidebreaks!)

Fly Away Home (don't know about the sound but should be good eye candy)

In The Line Of Fire

Jumanji (though the EFX are sometimes cheesy)

Last Action Hero (same as Jumanji but funny movie!)

Legends Of The Fall (pure eye candy)

And with BD supposed to be able to increase in capacity by up to 8 layers, I am quite sure that there will be Superbit BD versions available in the distant future...


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Sony-Owned Movies I'd Like To See On Blu-Ray (in no particular order):

1. Ghostbusters

2. Ghostbusters II

3. West Side Story

4. The City of Lost Children

5. Crumb

6. Men In Black

7. Men In Black II

8. The Fifth Element

9. Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

10. Labyrinth

11. The Dark Crystal

12. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

13. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb

14. The Wizard of Oz

15. The Cable Guy

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Having seen many of these in HD from other sources already, I can say that some great movies are not quite top demo quality because the source films aren't the sharpest/brightest to start with. I think you would find that "2001:A Space Odyssey" is a bit of a let down compared to some newer films.

All of these could look outstanding:

Fifth Element, Men in Black, Austin Powers, IRobot, ...

Unfortunately those aren't the most intelligent movies, but if you want to have some eye candy with lots of exciting scenes they would be good choices to just "pop something in" to show off your HT.

I want to see all the Pixar movies in HD. Toy Story 1,2 & Monster's Inc. looked fairly incredible on ABC. Looking forward to "The Incredibles" in HD...

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I don't know, since 2001 was a large format film it is very possible that, done right, it could be stunning in HD. I was impressed when I first saw Warners' anamorphic DVD of 2001 and some finer details were revealed, such as (finally on a home format) the visible stars when the Orion shuttle is docking with the space station for example. Except for some glaring EE in a few scenes that DVD has a remarkable image quality for an almost 40-year-old film.

Obviously newer films have the potential for better image quality, and strictly as a HT demo I guess something like "Chronicles of Riddick" or "Fifth Element" would have a reference quality picture in HD since the DVDs are exceptional. And of course the Pixar films direct digital transfers should be as flawless in HD as they are on regular DVD.

I happen to think the difference between SD-DVD and HD-DVD/BD will be MORE apparent with those older, large format films than with a modern film done on 35mm that already has outstanding DVD image quality. The improvement there may not be as significant.

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This is probally going to be out of sync with other people, but...

Whenever I get a better setup for movies, I get a copy of "2001, a space oddesey".

That movie had the most amazing visuals for its time, and is still amazing today.

The first DVD of 2001 suffered the "first is worst" problem, that is, because there

was such demand for it, it was put on DVD very early, complete with loads of

technical problems and no widescreen presentation. However, a later version

of it did correct the problems. 2001 has a large fan club that does not seem

to go away. I first saw the film at the Grumman's Chinese when I was about 12,

complete with 60's stoners trying to sneak joints into the theatre.

My idea of cellebrating the "arrival" of HD-DVD is when I am watching 2001 in

high def.

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My idea of cellebrating the "arrival" of HD-DVD is when I am watching 2001 in high def.
I agree. I not only believe it the best Science-Fiction film ever made, but one of the best movies ever made period, regardless of genre. Kubrick's masterwork. I can't wait to watch it hi-def for the first time, it's going to be just awesome!

In some ways I'm glad it isn't a launch title. More time can only help it be a better product, and I'm all for that.

My apologies to WriteSimple, it was not my intent to hijack your thread. I am just very passionate about The Film! :D

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I would very much like a single demo disc, with excellent audio and video sections from various movies. If I had the choice of movies, the list would be:

The Incredibles

Star Wars (sections from all six)

Hero (if transfered right!)

Shrek (or Shrek 2)

Toy Story 2

LotR (sections from all three)

Saving Private Ryan

Ghost in the Shell

Matrix (sections from all three)

Yes, there's a good bit of animation in there, but there's a good bit more color usage in animation (IMHO).

Those are the movies I can think of right now though.

Mr Zoid

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Disney-Owned Movies I'd Like To See On Blu-Ray (in no particular order):

1. Amelie

2. Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas

3. "Blue", "White", "Red" Trilogy

4. Fantasia 2000

5. Ed Wood

6. Kill Bill Volume 1

7. Kill Bill Volume 2

8. Pulp Fiction

9. A Bug's Life

10. Toy Story

11. Toy Story 2

12. The Lion King

13. Who Framed Roger Rabbit

14. Princess Mononoke

15. Aladdin
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