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movies you would love to see in hd-dvd

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1. scarface

2. boys in the hood

3. friday and next friday

4. alot more i cant renember lol

maybe we can all make a list together and mail them to the studios and our wishes might come true :D
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I'd like to see a lot of visual-based movies:


The Cell



1loudsuv - Shouldn't you be on Termpro? ;)
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Originally Posted by dr hypothesis
I'd like to see a lot of visual-based movies:


The Cell



1loudsuv - Shouldn't you be on Termpro? ;)
its a small small world who are you on termpro?

and no i wont cause any havoc here like i have their :p people here probably havent even seen things online wich i have done lol :cool:
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High Road To China


War Of The Worlds (1953)
Well, it's not a movie, but...

Battlestar Galactica :D

It's a Universal produced show, so I have pretty high hopes for this being released at some point...
1) Tombstone

2) Rock

3) Armagedon

4) Indiana Jones (all three)

5) Back to the Future

6) The Mummy(nov06), The Mummy returns

7) Amadeus
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LOTR 1-3 (Pretty obvious isn't it? Especially Two Towers - the Battle of Helm's Deep, that deserves good HD treatment).

Star Wars 1-6 (Not because 1-3 is any good, but for completeness)

Starship Troopers (Big spaceships blowing up in space, aliens as far as the eye can see charging a fort of desparate human infantry - last stand against insurmountable odds, what more can one ask for?)

What Dreams May Come (Pure Eye Candy, I remember the rich colors on SD-DVD as breathtaking when I saw it, if the transfer is good, there'll be lots of Eye Candy in there. Movie's not that great though).
Casino, Scarface, and Matrix.

Disney Pixar.

I think that's enough for now. :)
Everything mentioned so far. And Sin City.
Rouroni Kenshin, FMA: Conquerer of Shambara, any other anime title.

X-Men, etc. b/c that would mean BD is dead.
West Side Story




Year of Living Dangerously

The Reflecting Skin

A History of Violence


Thin Red Line

Color Trilogy (Kieslowski)

Andrei Roublev

Nights of Cabiria

La Strada

The Leopard

Once Upon a Time in America



North by Northwest

etc. etc.
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Practically all movies mentionned so far, plus a lot more!!!

Let me just add explicitely the following titles:


High Noon

The third Man

I confess

At least some Star Trek movies

A woman's face

Too many Kurosawa movies to list them all (!)

The Outlaw Josey Wales

Dances with Wolves (extended cut)

Othello (Welles)

Batman returns

Cleopatra (I know, it's a Fox movie...!)

Seven Days in May (and the original Manchurian Candidate, for that matter)

and, as they say on our belovved DVDs and HD DVDs,

"And much more"....
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The Lion in Winter (original with Kate H. and Peter O.)

For horror fun:

Horror of Dracula

Dracula Prince of Darkness

Brides of Dracula (I Know this is Universal)
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Saving Private Ryan.
Seven Samurai

2001: A Space Odyssey

Barry Lyndon
Moulin Rouge

The Outlaw Josey Wales

The Last of The Mohicans

Dances With Wolves

The Godfather Saga


Somewhere In Time (for the wife)

Any HD Concert Material w/Dolby True HD (Please!!!)
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A Bronx Tale


Analyze This

Anylyze That

and dozens more. ;)
High on my list:

Brokeback Mountain


2001: A Space Odyssey

The Bourne Identity

Three Kings

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