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Hey folks, looking for a touch of help. First of all, as a newbie, I'm sorry if this ground has been tread before, but I have been searching for something that directly matches my experience and I'm coming up empty.

My brother and I installed the mount for my LCD today (37" Sharp) and all went well except for the fact that it seems incredibly high for us. Part of the goal was to get it out of reach of our toddler son. The fact that it's survived so far is a testament to Sharp build quality.

Right to the point: I think we're about 6-8" too high. What that means in practical terms is that the upper lag bolt will now sit about 2" lower than the existing lower bolt. I think that's fine structurally (tell me if I'm wrong).

I'm wondering about two things:

1) My first inclination was to remove the mount and then reuse the lower holes, which doesn't seem like a good idea, once the lag bolts have done their business in there once. Is there anything I could/should do that would make that possible?

2) If I go the full 8", I'll obviously be covering over any visible hole in the drywall... any reason to put some sort of filling material into the stud before I putty over the wall? I'm guessing no.

Obviously, what we neglected to consider that one of the big differences is that even lower, my son will barely be able to reach the bottom of the TV... but the bigger thing is that there will be an offset -- the TV stand will do part of the job of keeping his hands off. Maybe in six months or less he'd have gotten that you don't touch (he's 17 months right now and very big for his age), but with plans for another, this will go a long way to address any repeat performance, as well.
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