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Since this is sort of DIY related and this is the only section I visit regularly I guess I'll put this here. I'm going to be consolidating all my av and computer gear to 1 room and I need some ideas for setting all this up. Here's the equipment list.

32" lcd tv

6 speakers with 6.5" bookshelf mains and surrounds with dual 5.25" center

7ft3 AV15X sub

onkyo receiver

xbox 360

desktop computer

15" screen for desktop/ laptop

15" laptop

There are some other small things but this is most of it. I would like to have the surround sound work for the xbox and computers both, but I'm having trouble arranging it in the room to get everything to work. Wil that hurt the sound quality if I put the TV and center channel in the corner of the room at a 45* angle?

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