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Moving Forward - It’s Time for Content, Communication and Course Correction

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Moving Forward - It's Time for Content, Communication and Course Correction
Author: THE Insider
The financial industry got caught with its pants down. The automotive industry got caught with its arrogance up. The PC, CE, communications industry simply got caught between the two.

We feel the angst but the business is still fundamentally sound. With the right course adjustments the industry will be in a better position to deliver solutions and satisfaction to global business and local consumers.

More importantly, there are tens of thousands of Silicon Valley minds around the globe who know how to turn fantastic ideas into meaningful products/services.

We've been in this industry for 20 plus (ok + +) years and we've been through the downturns. But the industry always comes out the other side better, stronger, more aggressive.

Silicon Valley is both a specific location and a state of mind.

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