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My current setup is 5.1. Moving to 7.1.

Have Sunfire TGA-5200. Looking for options. Explored the following possibilities. Would appreciate some expert advice and sharing of experience.

short list (not so short really!):

1. Add a good 3-channel to the existing 5 channel to run LCR. One channel to keep idle.

2. Replace the 5 channel with a 7 channel

3. Add another 5 channel and use 4 of one amp to run all surrounds and 3 of other to run the LCR.

Question that is killing me are:

Can I keep using my Panamax M5400 to both amp along with my Oppo-103, TV, Integra 80.2 and Cable box or do I have to hook the new amp to another wall outlet? Then it will be tricky, since I am not willing to spend another $500 - $800 for a PM system (box). I am planning to not exceed 1550 W altogether for 7 channels.

Will a 7-channel option have any advantage over the two 5+3 or 5+5 amp boxes or vive-versa?

Should I try to get ATI AT1803 for my Revel Voice 2 & F52s or look for Parasound HCA 2003 or XPA-3 or Anthem MCA 30 for 3-channel?

Will XPA-5 same as Parasound 2205A?

Will Sherbourn 7/2100 perform better than Sunfire TGA-7201?

Many options - only one to go for! Decision is not looking that easy for me at this time. Yah, I sure can use some help folks!
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