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Moving from a 2 Channel Audio System to a Video Oriented System

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I had recently posted a thread related to sharing of my main speakers (Von Schweikert VR4's) between my audio and video systems.

This whole topic of sharing the speakers led me to rethink the whole separate audio / video thing (My video to audio listening is about 90% video / 10% audio).

In speaking with my dealer in NYC he said the time has definitely come to look to a single system. His recommendation was to look at the Meridian and /or the new Cal Audio Labs CL2500.

Trading in my my Audio Research Ref One would be a big step.

My current video system is a Lex DC1 w/ Sunfire Cinema Grand.

Question is, will a high end video oriented preamp and a Cinema Grand be comparable with what I have set as my audio standard?

Bottom line, how do the high end surround preamps (meridian, theta, etc.) compare on 2 channel audio to classic preamps?

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