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Hi. Over the last couple years I've picked up some used speakers here and there and put together the following system:

Fronts: Boston Acoustics VR-950 (Black)

Center: Boston Acoustics VR-12 (Black)

Rears: Boston Acoustcs CR6 (Black)

Sub: AV123 X-Sub (Cherry)

I like the sound of everything I have, but, being second-hand speakers, they look less than pristine. The looks hardly bother me, but my girlfriend sort of has opposite tastes. She doesn't care how they sound, but she would like them to match and fit the decor. The VR-950's sock-body is particularly troublesome. ;-)

Now, I'm not about to roll over and throw this set out, but I'm no stranger to compromise either. If I could put together a better looking affordable set with comparable sound, then maybe I could switch and sell off all the Bostons. In the least, I need to move on to a black subwoofer. I may be able to press my luck to keep the rest for a few years. :)

Not having heard a lot of consistent speaker setups, I have a hard time judging speaker quality based mainly on internet reviews. The main thing I'm having trouble with is comparing the quality of a used set of mass-market stuff like mine with some of the internet companies like HSU, SVS, and AV123.

Since I've been looking at a subwoofer upgrade, I've ended up staring a lot at Hsu's VTF-2MK3/HB-1/HC-1 package and SVS' PB-10NSD/SBS-01 set. Should I expect a quality sound from these types of packages that is similar to my current set? Could it be better or worse? I really have no idea.

I use my set for 50% music and 50% home theater, but I'm much more concerned with the musical sound.

Does anyone has any insight or experience with this kind of transition?


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