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MOVING!! How do I transport my TV??

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I am going to be moving from Florida to New Hampshire. About 1500 miles!! I have a Sony 51" rear projection TV that is about 1 year old. I have heard that you shouldn't really move those things too far because the guns can become misaligned. I am going to try and sell it before I go, but if I can't, what is the best way to move it?? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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The best way is in original packaging but not too many people keep it (especially for a RPTV.)

The best thing that's realistic is to bubble wrap it and put it on top of a matress and strap it to the wall.

Then when you get to NH and the guns are out of alignment get it calibrated.

If you are using a moving company leave up to them.

If you are using a Ryder or U-haul I would load my mattress first and put up against the front of the truck. Then put a blanket over your screen and load the tv.

Put it with the screen in the mattress.Raise the tv with chocks.So the wheels are off the ground and the tv can't roll any more.

tie it off so it can't slide side to side and run a rope from the middle of rope used to secure the tv.Tie this rope over the top of tv and mattress to keep tv from bouncing.

The idea is to keep the tv from moving in any direction.
My previous set was moved twice by professionals, both were pretty far moves and the set (Mits RPCRT) didn't have any ill effects on either move. After the first move it needed a little convergence but nothing outrageous, on the second move it came off the truck exactly as it was prior to the move.
Thanks everyone. Hopefully I can sell this thing before I go and just get a projector. So if anyone wants it PM me.
Originally posted by trnst7
Thanks everyone. Hopefully I can sell this thing before I go and just get a projector. So if anyone wants it PM me.
You know when I was buying a house, the previous owner didn't want to move and damage his 65" RPTV so he wanted to leave it to me if I paid full asking price for the house. I said, "No thanks", bargained and paid $10K less for the house. Figured 65" TV set is not worth $10K. Sorry, I'm diverging from the topic. What I'm trying to say is maybe you can offer new owners a set for a reasonable price and that way you won't have to worry about moving it.
Unfortunately, it's an apartment so thats not an option.
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