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Moving picture cover art not the same as my video

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I'm wondering if anyone else is having same problem I am. I have windows XP media Center edition and I'm running media portal with streammp. I think the whole TV series plug-in is working okay but when it comes to movies I can't seem to get to work right. When I go to my videos a lot of the video cover art is incorrect or not even there. It just has the icon of a movie reel. I have a lot of foreign films which are recognized by moving picture and it actually has the correct cover art in the moving picture selection. I also have old films such as "the nutty professor" I think it's 1964 with Jerry Lewis. I selected the proper nutty Prof. in moving picture and it got the data as well as cover art, but when I go into my videos that cover art is not there or rather it has the cover art from the movie with Eddie Murphy his version of nutty Prof. Also, is there a way to display the English title for foreign flicks. My actual AVI files are labeled in English but after the scraping it displays it in media portal as the French or Spanish title. For example I have a movie called "the Sea inside" which is " Mar adentro (2004/I)." I've really been getting fed up with trying to get my media server to work correctly. I have a MacBook Pro and I've been playing with Plex which is GORGEOUS and it's really awesome that it gives the actual theme music to the show as well as many other features. I'm having a little trouble with that as well but so far I've been able to work through it. I'm still in the test stage for both media portal and Plex. I really would like to be able to use my PC as my media server connected to my flatscreen plasma instead of getting a Mac mini and all that good stuff. I am a PC person but Mac is starting to win me over. Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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