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Ok I have been out of the HDTV game for a number of years now. I was very into it when it first started taking off in 2003 as you can see from my 5000+ post count. However, I finally got the setup I wanted in my old house so I didn’t feel the need to upgrade anymore.

Flash forward to now and everything is changing in two weeks. Our family out grew our current house and we are moving into a substantially bigger house with many more locations for TVs and the potential for a true home theatre.

So here is what I think I will need to add. Can you give me some suggestions as to what T.V.s you think would fit these requirements?

1. Living Room T.V. over the fire place– Needs to be no more than 50 inches but it needs to have decent sound as I won’t be able to setup speakers in that room because of the configuration. Would prefer 4K here but that isn’t an absolute requirement. It must have Netflix, youtube, and Amazon video streaming here for the kids since I won’t be hooking a Blu-ray player up to it. This location will be a minimalist location. I want to use DirectTV’s whole house wireless so that power is the only thing coming into the T.V. from the wall. Budget is $1500 for this TV.

2. Screened in Back Porch – Cheap and big is the name of the game here. I want as big as I can get for as cheap as I can get. It doesn’t have to be 4K or even 1080p here. It just has to have Netflix, youtube, and Amazon video streaming and good to very good sound. This will not have anything other than power plugged into it from the wall. Budget is definitely less than $1000 here. Preferred closer to $500 or less though.

3. 3rd Floor finished room Bar area – This room is a really weird configuration so there are not any large face walls to setup a big T.V. here. I have a 2 year old 55” 1080p Sony LED TV that would work here but I wouldn’t mind going up to a 60” 4k TV if it fits into the budget(No more than $1200 for this T.V.). This will have a PS4 and perhaps surround sound setup. TV speaker quality is not as critical here. Budget is $1500 or less here.

4. Son’s room – I plan on putting the 55” Sony in his room for PS4 use if I don’t use it on the 3rd floor. If not then I want to go as cheap as possible. $500 or less for 50-55 inches.

5. Semi-Large symmetrical Bonus room – Hopefully this will eventually be my Home Theater. However, my daughter has claimed the room for her legos first. Therefore, I will probably stick a very old(2004) 55” 720p Rear projection Sony LCD TV in there for now until the bulb goes out on it again.

Eventually I want to use an 80” LED TV for my theater and pair it with my current ERA Design 4 surround setup. I don’t need loud sound I just need clean sound and the ERA speakers give me that when paired with my Rotel AMP.

However, I really want this to be 100% 4K compatible so I assume I need to wait to buy the equipment until everything with the 4K spec is finalized, right? I plan on setting up the theater sometime next year.

So what do you all think? Are the Vizio TVs a good choice? They fit my budget better but I am afraid they won’t give me the picture quality I desire.
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