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I am having an issue with the channel guide and what's actually showing being different occasionally. This seems to happen most often on Travel Channel and National Geographic. Basically, I set up a show to record, and when I watch it, it's a different show. It's not an issue of the DVR recording at the wrong time--if I tune in to watch "live" it is airing the wrong show.

Specifically, if I set up to record Most Haunted on Travel Channel (first runs only) it automatically records the Friday, 7pm episode, when in fact, Most Haunted's first run show is on Friday at 10pm. I have tried to delete the Most Haunted series from my recordings, then pick the 10pm episode and "record series" but it still ends up recording at 7pm since that is what it thinks is the first-run episode of the week. So what I am forced to do is manually go into the 10pm listing and "record once". Of course, I have to remember to do this each week or I will not record the show.

Is this a Moxi issue, a Charter issue (my cable provider), or a Travel Channel issue?

I have also had this happen a few times on the National Geographic channel and at least once on Cartoon Network.

PS--sorry for the double-post, I first asked this question in the big Moxi thread in the HD forum, then realized this was a more appropriate place to ask.

Thanks in advance.
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