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Ok so I finally narrowed down my problem of wmc crashing while in MBC. It's only when I use my codec to decode the Video on any .mp4 container. All tv show themes in media browser classic are in an mp4 container so that makes sense. I was using ffdshow without issues for a few months but the problem is recent. I tried to uninstall all codecs and reset windows codecs but the problem is still there. I even tried lav with no luck.

If I let windows decode the video, I don't experience any crashes, but I lose my codec mixing capability. I want to be able to disable media foundation for.mp4 so I can mix up the 2.0 audio to dolby.

For now I'm letting windows media foundation handle the mp4 files and letting my avr mix them,

I can remux all my mp4 movies to mkv if I have to but prefer not to.

Has anyone else had similar mp4 issues in wmc with mbc?
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