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MPC-BE starts with audio volume randomly muted 1/3 of the time

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I'm using the Shark007 version of MPC-BE with MadVR launched through Media Browser in WMC. When I start watching a video file MPC-BE starts with its audio volume randomly muted approximately 1/3 of the time. The windows master volume is not muted, only MPC-BE's. To fix it I have to grab the keyboard and mouse out, exit full screen, and then click on the mute icon. It occurs quite frequently and is very frustrating. I'd appreciate any suggestions to rectify this.
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sounds pretty strange to me. I'd uninstall re-install the player.

uninstall removes all settings, completely.

Also, I update that player near daily with the latest svn commits.

maybe grabbing the latest available on my tools page will help.

EDIT: Maybe it is interpreting a key sequence from the remote as a mute signal
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Thanks, I'll give it a try when I get home.

EDIT: I'll check the key commands as I did mess around with them to link the MPC-BE volume with Window's master volume level.
I reinstalled the codec packs and MPC-BE and it seems to have fixed the issue with the audio muting..

Now MPC-BE won't recognise the MCE_RED and MCE_GREEN buttons on my remote. I've tried setting them up to switch subtitle and audio streams with no luck. It works using the corresponding keyboard keys but not with the remote. I've tried setting the buttons to other functions with no success. Other MCE buttons work (such as MCE_GUIDE and MCE_DETAILS, but not the coloured buttons.
I do not use a remote so have no input on how to configure the player for such use.

Another option is to try and use the HC version as opposed to the BE version.

From the page I linked to, *.exe = installer.

You can have both (x86) players installed simultaneously without them interacting or affecting each other. If testing the HC version, and still wanting madVR for rendering, open the players Options and select madVR on the top of the output page
I have MPC-HC and know for a fact that the controls for subtitles can be mapped to the "colored" keys on my Harmony H900 remote. It has been a while and I need to check but I think I mapped a custom key to both HPC-HC and the remote to accomplish this.
Thanks, I'll give it a go. What's the difference between the HC and BE versions?
One is "Home Cinema" and the other is "Black Edition". Other than that I'm not sure. Someone said that BE was in active development and HC wasn't but I've received notification of at least two updates to HC since then.
Running MPC-HC seems to have resolved all issues I was was having with MPC-BE.
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