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Hi all

New to MPC-HC and AC3 filter I have a big problem with my sub when playing movies from my computer through an Hdmi cable to my Av-Reciver (Denon 2310) and my 5.1 speaker set up.

When I play a .mkv file or alike with Ac3 using Media player classic -home cinema and there is a signal to the sub in the movie, the sub plays a loud scattering noise and the speaker membran shows vibrations of a very high input signal. It can only be avoided if turning the sub volume on the speaker way down.

I have testet the subwoofer with dvd and blu-ray material through my ps3 and without scatter problems, and then the sub can play very loud (It is a Dali Ikon 325Watt active sub)

I have not altered any settings in Ac3Filter and are playing movies with Media Player Classic

I am running win 7 sp 1 the audio driver is Realtek hd Audio

Any help is much appriciated
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