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Hi everyone ! ;-)

I'm using MPC HC 1.2.1164.0 and Powerstrip 3.63 (build 540).

Powerstrip is an essential component on the configuration in order to set up an exact 1080p 23.976Hz output resolution.

MPC HC is used in VMR9 Renderless D3D Fullscreen mode (I can provide the ini configuration file if needed).

The issue I have is that the first time, and only the first time, that I open a file with MPC HC, it somehow resets the output resolution to 1080i60.

If I close MPC HC, the output resolution comes back to 1080p24, and then I can open as many files as I want and the output resolution remains at 1080p24.

I have the problem after each reboot.

The problem only occurs when MPC HC is set to D3D Fullscreen mode.

When configured the same way, TheaterTek never has the issue.

If I set a 1080p24 resolution via the NVidia driver, I never get the issue (but then the 1080p24 timings are not perfect).

So the issue is only between MPC HC and Powerstrip...

Another information which might be usefull is that I have 2 displays connected to the video card. NVidia drivers are configured to use only one display at a time, so I switch displays to watch movies to connect the video card to my Lumagen scaler (which is then connected to the projector) instead my Dell 24" screen. I never have the issue when connected to the Dell display. The Lumagen scaler does not support 1080p60, but does support 1080p24, so there might be an edid issue with MPC HC, I don't know how this works...

Any ideas ?

Of course, I have disabled all the options in MPC HC which could force a resolution change while playing a file.

Thx very much !

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