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Is it better to have the Pre/Pro convert the HBR audio or to let the player convert and send MPCM to the processor?

I noticed in another thread about the ability to add processing, like matrixing a 5.1 to 7.1 in some processors using HBR, so what other issues/limitations/advantages are there between the two methods?

If a Pre/Pro does HBR, by default should it also handle MPCM?

If you let the player decode to MPCM does the quality of player impact the quality of the MPCM stream?

I am curious as I am looking into replacing my Lexicon MC 12B with something else and adding a Blu-Ray player. I currently use a Radiance XD in front of the Lexicon to strip the audio from the HDMI connection and pass it over SPIDF. The replacement options narrow if HBR in Pre/Pro is better than MPCM...

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