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I just upgraded my HTPC to

gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L

Intel core2duo E4500

ati 3850

2 gig ram

and Vista

I'm having an issue when trying to play back recorded HD content, and ran into the same problem with Flags of our Fathers on Bluray. Playback of recorded SDTV, DVDs HD-DVD and one or two Blurays has been fine.

In my case, when watching recorded HD(in Sage), playback will initially be fine but at some point video slows to a crawl and will also skip frames. At the same time, the display on my receiver(connected via digital coax(or optical)) flashed back and forth between dolby digital and pro logic several times a second. If I pause or stop and then resume playback often everything is fine for a short while before it begins again. If I do nothing it will eventually generally resume smooth playback for a period before usually having the same problem later on.

I've tested with old recordings before the ugprade to the HTPC that I watched without problem and now they show the stutter problem. I also tried playing back the same files in VLC and zoomplayer. In the case of VLC playback of these problem files is perfect until I tell it I want to use SPDIF, then its always stuttering and flashing digital/pro logic on the receiver. Zoomplayer in my hands is always stuttering and having the receiver issue.

I currently have cyberlink dvd decoder, audio decoder and AC3 filter setup and selected, although I've tried it with Sage decoder and using the realtek output without great success.

I'm unsure if this is a vista issue or not, and am curious if anyone else has experienced this problem and could help me out.
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