The annual Munich High End show has become the world's premier high-end audio event. For Munich 2018, MQA has announced new hardware and software partners as well is the use of the format for CDs, which remain very popular in Germany.

In Munich, MQA Live, which was launched at an event in Austin Texas earlier this year, will be used to stream a live performance by Misha Mulloy-Abbado Group from The Pool recording studio in London on Friday, May 11. The stream will play in the partner rooms at the show at 3:30 PM CET (Central European Time) on that day.

Here's a list of demo rooms:

AudioQuest A4.1 - E122/E123
Audio Reference A3.1 - D111
Aurender H1 - A19
Bluesound (Dynaudio room) A3.1 - C112
Brinkmann Audio A4.1 - E108
Esoteric, Pioneer, TEAC A4.1 - E119
iFi Audio (WOD Audio room) A4.1 - E109
Wadax A4.1 - E106
Wadax (AvantGarde​ room) A4.1 - E124

The company has announced new hardware partnerships with Hegel Music System and Lyngdorf Audio. Hegel will unveil its new H590 amplifier at the show. Furthermore, MQA's partnership with LG will continue, the G7 ThinQ handset will have decoding built in. Plus, ESS technology announced that it's bringing decoding and rendering to its SABRE mobile DACs.

Existing partners continue to develop and implement the technology across a wide range of products. For example, Roon launched its anticipated MQA integration version 1.5 on May 2. It adds support to its multiroom, multi-user networked audio system. Speaking to this development, Enno Vandermeer, founder & CEO of Roon Labs, said, "We feel that the rapidly expanding ecosystem of ‘Roon-ready’ audio products, combined with the growing number of MQA-enabled products and services in the market, makes this a powerful partnership."

Here's a list of developments with existing MQA partners (taken from the press release):

- Aurender enables MQA core decoding across its product range (not S10 model).

- Brinkmann Audio has made refinements to its original Nyquist DAC in the
‘Mark II’ version.

- iFi is extending rendering capability across its portable DAC range, including its
newly released xDSD.

- With their latest firmware 10.2 update, the entire LUMIN product line is now MQA certified.

- Simaudio has now launched its new 390 DAC and network streamer, with further new products planned.

- The Pioneer & Onkyo, Esoteric and TEAC family of brands is continuing to roll out new products, and is expanding its offering to a number of network players.

MQA for CD

While noting that the German music market over-indexes when it comes to physical media music sales, with CDs representing 45% of the total, MQA has announced that some CD releases will use the technology.