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Hii I am using Marantz PM6003 with old HIfi deckBookshelves.. I intend to purchase Floorstanders.. and rounded upon

Wharfedale 9.5

Aviano 6

and also BS Mezzo 2..

My room dimensions are about 18*15 feet and 10feet high...

I m mostly leaning towards the Aviano 6... because its a FS... and i have auditioned the Aviano 2 which has plenty of bass...... Later some time I can upgrade my amp too.....

I wanted yr reviews .. whether the 6003 can drive the Aviano 6 (88dB 4-8 ohm) speakers...well. !!

At 4 ohms the Marantz PM6003 is rated at 60 watts / channel and at 8 its 45 w/channel..

Please guide me through. as I am from a small city and have no places to audition ..

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