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For Immediate Release

August 1, 2005

Impressive Response to Request for Quote for Terrestrial Digital to Analog

Converter Box

Washington, DC - Twelve consumer electronics firms have submitted responses

to a "Request for Quote" issued by NAB and MSTV on June 20 for the

development of a basic terrestrial digital to analog converter box

prototype. The development of such a box is seen as key to the digital


The 12 responses were received by the filing deadline, Friday, July 29th.

The responses came from a variety of consumer electronics firms, including

some of the largest consumer electronics companies in the world.

MSTV President David Donovan said, "We are delighted with the response. It

demonstrates that there is considerable interest in the project by a

significant number of consumer electronics firms. From the start, our goal

has been to work with the consumer electronics companies to resolve one of

the more difficult issues of the digital transition -- the construction of a

low cost, yet high quality terrestrial digital to analog converter box. I

am happy to see this marketplace-based solution has been embraced by many in

the industry."

Today, more than 21 million American homes rely exclusively on over-the-air

service. "The development of a low cost, high quality digital to analog

converter box is essential to preventing countless millions of consumers

from being left behind when analog broadcasts end," said NAB President and

CEO Eddie Fritts.

Project manager Aldo Cugnini stated, "We intend to move forward rapidly with

evaluating the responses. There is a tremendous amount of technical work

analyzing the various proposals. Our goal is to complete the evaluation

process on or about Labor Day."

MSTV is the recognized industry leader in broadcasting technology and

spectrum policy issues. Formed in 1956, MSTV has endeavored to ensure that

the American public receive the highest quality, interference free,

over-the-air local television signals. For the past decade, MSTV has been

the leading advocate for advanced over-the-air digital television in the

United States. For further information go to: www.mstv.org

The National Association of Broadcasters is a full-service trade association

that promotes and protects free, over-the-air local radio and television

stations' interests in Washington and around the world. NAB is the

broadcaster's voce before Congress, federal agencies and the courts. NAB

also serves a growing number of associate and international broadcaster

members. Information about NAB can be found at www.nab.org .

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They are already being built, in China, by at least one company I know of.

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Originally Posted by Ken H
They are already being built, in China, by at least one company I know of.
When you are used to paying under $300 for a 27" TV set, $200 is not 'low cost', or are you refering to a company other than Hisense?
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