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Mt. Rainier by Wavetouch Audio.

Stereo Times "The most wanted component 2013"

Reviews "start the search at about $20,000 and escalate from there."

Stereo Times publisher Mr. Perry "They performed way beyond my expectations in the areas of coherency, depth of stage (and width), image specificity and dynamics. These attributes lends to hours of musical enjoyment and sonic bliss."

Buyer "GT's keep pace with all of my previous monitors (Nola Boxers, to Magico Q1's, to Harbeth 30.1's, Avantgarde) and offer a balanced combination of their preferable qualities and none of the bad."

Buyer "The Grand Teton is now in my living room replacing the giant Wilson for 1/10 the cost, 1/10 the size and not a note missing."

---- Introducing Mt. Rainier.

Freq. response: 40-27kHz

Sensitivity: 94db (4 ohm)

Nordost internal wiring

AMT Heil ribbon tweeter

Premium Euro-Plywood Maple cabinet.

Same technology with GT speaker. Great sound with any amps (3watts ~500watts) at any room (live, dead, big, small)

The sound is so transparent and organic with No Binding Post (pat. pend.).

Introductory price -- $1,800!

100% refund if not satisfied. Wavetouch Audio pays return shipping.

Production "No Binding Post" will be done in 10 days. So, shipping is in 10 days.


Email to [email protected]
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