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mtx jackhammers & 1800w acoustik amp

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i bought 2 12" mtxjackhammers and a 1800 watt acoustik amp from a local flea market. andthe subs blew out. the amp may have a right channel negative fault but im not quite sure. the products came with a 30 day no cash refund or physical damage warranty. do you know if i could exchange the subs and do you know how i could check to see if the amp is fully useable? thanks
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first off your in the wrong section(car audio is in another forum) second, I hate to say it, but you kind of deserve it buying from a flea market. How would we know if you can exchange the subs? THe person you should be asking is the vendor you purchased them from. IF they are an authorized dealer(highly doubt it) then you can try calling mtx warranty dept. They will probably tell you theres nothing they can do. Next time spend a little more money, and buy from someone thats established and authorized. You will have a little more peace of mind in case something happens.(like this)\\cheers
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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