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For several years, I have been a happy user of Spotify - worlds best music streamer

All the sudden, MOG "turned up" during my account setup of VUDU. A service on par with S. - this one might very well replace my trusted Spotify, better SQ, almost Cd q at 320 kbps. Even at extreme setting of S. this MOG is more enjoyable and " full bodied " to listen to !

So, how about downloads??

On my last trip, a 12 hour trip to Istanbul, I did not have acess to any wifi, I had to rely on downloaded playlists/ albums on Spotify. To my big grief - they were gone, it had been 50 days since last I were offline, and then they disappear?? Those 12 hours were boring, only some daft movies served by the cabin staff ;(

MOG. Downloaded content. Will it stay "forever" on my Iphone 4s or will they expire/ be deleted after some time?



Oh yes, i have the entire collection of Beatles album / apple lossless synced in to my Iphone Thats the complete extent of physical media I own. All the rest -- is on Spotify / Music On the Go
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