If you crave hands-on control of your Audyssey MultEQ room correction calibrations, and own a compatible Denon or Marantz AV receiver, you are in luck.

Today, Denon and Marantz launched the MultEQ Editor app — for select recent AVRs — that lets users tweak, refine, and otherwise customize the sound of select recent as well as future AVR and pre/pro-based systems from the two brands.

Audyssey MultEQ is an automated room correction and speaker setup solution that provides size and configuration detection, time alignment, room equalization, and other audio enhancements. Now, thanks to the MultEQ Editor app, users gain control over parameters that until now were inaccessible.

Screenshots from the Audyssey MultEQ Editor app.

This new functionality will be available on select Denon AVRs and Marantz AVRs plus pre/pros.

Chris Kyriakakis, CTO at Audyssey Laboratories said, "The Audyssey MultEQ Editor app enables users to enjoy reference sound that is free of room acoustics problems and also apply their own listening preferences. We are very pleased to be working closely with Denon and Marantz to deliver this unique capability for fine tuning these AV Receivers."

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Per the press release, MultEQ Editor app offers users the following capabilities:

View the Audyssey MultEQ speaker detection results, to check and modify the configuration, and adjust for any unusual speaker set-ups

- See before and after results of the Audyssey calibration. Easily identify room problems and see what changes the system is making

- Visually edit the Audyssey target curve for each channel pair, to suit individual tastes

- Adjust the overall EQ frequency range of the EQ for each channel pair

- Switch between two high-frequency roll-off target curves

- Enable or disable midrange compensation to make the sound brighter or smoother. Make dialogue even clearer, or tame hard-edged soundtracks

- Save calibration results, ready for instant re-loading should the system require a reset

You can get an iOS version—for use with an iPad or iPhone—from the iTunes Store. Android users can obtain the app from the Google Play Store. Regardless of the platform you use to run it, the cost of the Audyssey MultEQ Editor app is $20, and it's available now.

MultEQ Editor app FAQ

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