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Multi channel PCM test tones

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I am using the analog output of my blu-ray player to the analog input of the AVR. I will be using the analog path only when watching blu-ray discs containing multichannel PCM tracks.

With discs that do not contain multichannel PCM, I will use the DD downmix out of the optical connector.

I need to set the channel balance for the AVR's external analog input. The blu-ray player has test tones for the 5 main speakers but not the subwoofer so I'm looking for a test disc that contains 5.1 PCM a complete set of test tones.

I don't want to use Avia or DVE as those tones are encoded in Dolby Digital and I'm not sure if the settings from those would port over correctly to PCM sources due to things like dialnorm and DD handling of rear channel levels.

Since I am going to be listening to PCM sources I want to do my setup with a PCM source to make sure the listening enviorment is the same as the setup enviornent so there are no discrepencies.

Any thoughts?

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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