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My name is Fernando, I am from Brazil, and this is my first thread in AVS Forum. My English is not so good, but I hope you can understand me.

We got here in Brazil the Htforum. It is a good place to learn and change knowledge, but I could not found the needed information there. So, here I am.

I read some posts about PCM Multi Channel in Harman Kardon receivers, but I found different information's about the same subject, so Im am confused.

Here what I found:

HK 247 and 347 have an issue with LFE channel. But I heard the newest versions don´t have this problem. Is that correct? Did Harman say something about to correct this issue with a firmware upgrade?

HK 645 - Do not accept Multi PCM by HD-DVD sources. With Blu Ray sources, like my PS3, the problem does not exist?

HK 745 works fine with multi Channel PCM. Is that correct?

Thanks everyone!!
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