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Multi In From Two Components

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After trying a receiver with HDMI audio capabilities, I decided to stick with my current (non-HDMI) receiver for the time being until things shake out a little clearer on the lossless audio side of things. My receiver is a Pioneer VSX-815k. It has a set of 5.1 multi in's on the back, and i was wondering if I can connect two different components (HD-A1 & Philips Blu-ray player) into that connection using splitters and still maintain the sound quality. Or is there an active device that will do it for you (like an audio switch)?

It will be awhile before I upgrade, and I don't like the idea of moving my analog in cables from one unit to the other everytime I want to use my player. Thanks for the help!
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Some report success, but I tried all the switchers other report working, and they all sucked for me. The few that worked at all colored the audio way way to much.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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