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multi-input sound card?

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Does anybody make a multiple input sound card? The application would be for the HTPC to do the audio source switching and feed the switched digital audio out.


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Anybody have any thoughts on this?

M-Audio Delta 1010 LT

10 Inputs, 10 Outputs


It's not particularly cheap though. You might want to consider the 410 model - 4 ins, 10 outs.

Thanks - I'll have to check if there is a programmatic interface for this card. I'm interested in integrating the switching with other automation functions.

thanks again-

Hi kenliles,

I have a 1010LT. I don't have any information for you regarding a programming interface, but I just thought I'd share that Cliff's drivers (the ones that enable bass management, redirection, speaker placement, etc ...) do work for the 1010LT in addition to the 410. Also, when using it for recording, I haven't had any problems with Cakewalk Sonar in combination with various inputs and loops.

For manual switching by a user, the patchbay router tab and monitor mixer tab in the maudio control center to me are very intuitive considering the versatility.

Good luck!

How do you find the recording quality with the 1010LT. Are you using all line level sources, or are you also recording Mics? If MICs, what mic preamp are you using? I am interested in being able to postmix multi-track vocal recording as opposed to the premixing I am doing now.
I'm using line level sources so I may not be much help. But the card does have a built-in mic preamp that can be enabled via jumper (I haven't tried it yet). When enabled, it works with the first two analog inputs which have XLR connectors (balanced). This setting is for "microphone line level compatible with low impedance dynamic microphones (those that do not require phantom power, such as condenser mics)".

EDIT - I forgot to mention that overall I find the recording quality to be quite good - but this is the first and only soundcard I've ever used for recording so milege may vary for others ...
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