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I've been reading a bunch today on possible solutions to my dilemma but have gotten confused a bit on what will work and what is needed. Here is what I have currently.

In my Living Room I have a Moto 6416 Dual Tuner HD DVR which works just fine, but recently I've started thinking about multi-room HD DVR solutions. I've been thinking it would be nice to have a flat panel HDTV in my bedroom for times when the Living room is too busy to watch pre-recorded shows or someone else is watching something already.

I don't believe there are any type of networking solutions available for the Moto boxes provided by my cable company.

Then there is the Tivo series 3 units and although they provide easy networking, they cost an arm and a leg($799ea.) not to mention the monthly cost of $12 a piece I believe which is just insane.

So from what I understand on the HTPC side, I could buy a new Dell XPS 420 with an ATI dual digital Cable Card Tuner and then feed my Cable Co. signal into it and use this for both my Living room and Bedroom?

Do you have to use an HD media Extender to hook up to each TV, like the new Sage TV HD extender?

Which HD extenders are the best?

Do you need an extender at that location even if the PC is located right next to the TV?

What about changing channels remotely, I would assume I'll need a remote extender of some sort if I'm in another room?

From what I understand I won't be able to use PPV or InDemand when switching to Cable Cards, which isn't a big deal because I order PPV's on Satelite.

I believe I will have access to a TV guide (GemStar)just by the purchase of the Vista Based PC if I read correctly?

What type of draw will this have on the HTPC? Are there limitations?

So how do the 2 tuners work on the PC? If I had 4 tv's watching recorded shows I would imagine the 2 tuners are still free to record new programming?

Sorry for all the question but I just couldn't find enough answers on the topic, hopefully this will help someone else down the road.

Thanks in advance

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I think you understand things correctly.

The Vista Cable card computer does all the tuning and recording. You can also view the tuners and recordings.

To view those things in a different room, you will need to use an extender. The Xbox 360 has been tested extensively by Microsoft. It should work VERY well, but it can be a bit noisey. A second Vista PC can NOT be used as an extender.

The cheapest option is Uverse if it's available in your area. If I'm not mistaken the oterh boxex in the system can play back recordings on the central DVR.

I have used vista a little, and Tivo quite a bit. In my opinion there is no comparison. Tivo is much better. For example I wanted to record Lost. It didn't show up vista guide, but it did on the Tivo guide. I think Tivo is with the money. Plus you can get a Tivo HD for $299. that means yoi can have 3 of them (total of 6 tuners) for less than the cost of one Vista cable card Pc with 2 tuners.

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