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I have just built a new home and am trying to figure out what to do for a multisource system.

My house is wired for 5.1 in the great room (4 in ceiling speakers, bookshelf front channel, sub), with additional speaker wires run to the dining room and patio (2 speaker locations in dining room, 2 on patio, dining room and patio will each have a separate in wall impedance matching volume control). I would like the ability to listen to a different source in all 3 locations (I believe I would sacrifice the 5.1 effect in the main room when doing so, which is ok).

I am hoping to not have a bunch of extra hardware such as a/b boxes and separate amps if possible.

I see that the Onkyo TX-NR1007 and the Onkyo Integra DTR-50.1 are both 3 zone units. The 1007 specs say zone 2 is powered but doesn't say that for zone 3. The Integra says zone 2 and 3 are powered. Some questions:

1) does that mean with the Integra I wouldn't need an additional amp but the 1007 I would for the 3rd zone??? An associate at BB was showing me the 807 and said I wouldn't need an amp for it unless I was going to be driving much bigger speakers. She counted the speaker terminals to come to the conclusion that I wouldn't need additional hardware.

2) The Integra is a 7.2 system but the 1007 is a 9.2. What would I gain or lose by using one vs. the other (remember I will only be utilizing 5.1 in the main room.) The only potential benefit that I can think of (with 9.2) and am not even sure of is that I could still use 5.1 in main room while having other sources playing.??..

3) Somewhere I read that zones 2 and 3 are analog not digital, what does that mean to me? (I can't listen to Ipod, Satellite radio, digital cable tv etc. in the other zones???)

4) What could I expect to pay for the Integra?

Any and all input would be appreciated, yes, I am a total noob.
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