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As you can see, I don't usually post much, but I have been following the plasma threads for several months now.

I'm an American stationed here in Europe and have made the Netherlands my home. The prices of items such as plasma TV's are quite higher here than they are in the states. Even if stateside on-line stores would ship such a large item to an APO, the shipping charges would be astronomical, and, of course, NTSC would not do me any good here.

Another alternative would be to buy from a military outlet such as AAFES (Army Air Force Exchange Service) run by the U.S., or the NATEX, (NATO Exchange) run by the Canadians. These outlets carry popular brands such as Denon, Marantz, Sony, Pioneer, KEF, Klipsch, Panasonic, and so on. These particular electronics are geared for ID card holders to purchase and use wherever. In other words, most are dual voltage as well as the TV's being multi-system.

Since I live here, I would normally not worry if it's multi-system or not. A straight PAL television would do me just fine. A Pioneer 507HD in some local Dutch AV stores costs about 4000 euros at this moment. At the current dollar rate, that's about 5, 390 dollars, ouch! You can buy a 508 elite and a top of the line Blu-ray or HD DVD player for that kind of bank.

Anyway, the NATEX at this moment is having a sale on certain electronics and the Pioneer Plasmas are one of them. The model I'm looking at is the Pioneer 507XG. I'm not sure which state-side model this can be compared to, but it seems to have more in common with the Elite than the 5070. I've attached the brochure of this particular model below and you can see that it has a lot of the features the Elite has such as Block Noise reduction, Crystal Emissive Layer, 75 and 100 hertz switchable, ISF calibratableis that a word? Anyway, the only feature this TV has that neither the U.S. or the European models have is that it's a multi-system. It receives both PAL and NTSC television standards. This TV is on sale for a mere 2500 euroswow! I know, that's about what the 508 is gonna cost in the USA, but what am I to do? The 508HD will be on sale in mid June here and that would set me back 4,900 euros. I sure do miss them stateside prices.

Now, my question after rambling on much about nothing; is this multi system just as good as a straight PAL or straight NTSC plasma? Do you think the signal and or picture quality will suffer due to the fact that it's a multi? I don't know much about how TV's work so I'm counting on you experts to set me straight on this issue. I've done some searches and couldn't find anything that would answer my question.

Thanks a bunch,


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